Repairing Hacked Websites,WordPress,Joomla,others


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Troubled by malicious tampering of your WordPress or other website?

Website tampering has become rampant.

Tampering of business websites is happening often, and restoring the site is troublesome. If the actual cause of the problem is not eliminated, malicious tampering can recur within days.

Cross&Crown Security Intelligence LLC helps to restore tampered websites for private individuals and small- and medium-size businesses. Our methods are much cheaper and faster than rebuilding your website from scratch.

For WordPress sites especially, website restoration is possible at low cost.

We have constructed and managed over 900 WordPress sites.

Cross&Crown Security Intelligence LLC was established as a subsidiary of Cross&Crown LLC to offer the WebRepair service to restore tampered WordPress sites. Cross&Crown LLC provides a free WordPress site development service called Webma! and provides system development services to financial systems and major publicly traded companies.

Outstanding staff from the parent company are employed by WebRepair. They have built and managed over 900 WordPress sites and served as a telecommunications operator for over 500 accounts to build servers. They also develop security and encrypted algorithms for public institutions and publicly traded companies.

Besides WordPress, they can assess the security of all systems and websites.