Repairing Hacked Websites,WordPress,Joomla,others
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Low-cost and highly advanced services.

Cross&Crown LLC’s WebRepair is the first website recovery service established in Japan. Cross&Crown LLC serves financial systems, major publicly traded companies, and website development and management companies that handle hundreds of websites.

Cross&Crown LLC established Cross&Crown Security Intelligence LLC as a company specializing in web security. This has become its main service.

While having strong customer appeal and highly advanced technologies such as encrypted algorithms for financial institutions and encrypted customer information databases, our services are low-cost. We have repaired and examined many corporate and public institution websites. We also generate reports for the police and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Also, as evidence of our technical prowess, we are the first in Japan to provide a guarantee against data tampering recurrences.

Our website repair procedures and service are unlike our competitors. Read about them here.

Difference in cost.

Compared to cyber security companies, our services are very low-cost.

If the website development company has backup data, the repair will be quick. However, if there is no backup data, it will take a longer time and become more costly.

Difference in experience.

We have repaired 243 websites (as of late September 2013).

We have served our own customers and website development companies and attained this number as a matter of course.

If you have a common problem, the repair will not take that long.

It is very important to identify the route of attack and to prevent a recurrence.

Of course, often times we cannot obtain all the information we desire, but we will work as much as possible to prevent a recurrence.

Based on our ample know-how gained from much experience, we will repair your website quickly and implement safety measures as much as possible.

Detailed explanations.

In our verbal or written report, we will clearly explain the motive behind the attack and how it was done.

We will also advise you on what to watch out for and explain things so even the non-specialist can understand. You can thereby clearly understand the overall picture.

Besides just repairing your website, we want to make it an experience that will help you in the future.