Repairing Hacked Websites,WordPress,Joomla,others
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Do you have a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, we do.
We always conclude a confidentiality agreement before starting the job.

We are located far from you. Is that okay?

Yes, that is not a problem.
Since we can communicate and do the job online, you need not visit us.
You can be anywhere in Japan and even outside Japan.

Does your pricing depend on the number of webpages, plugins, files, etc., we have?

No. We basically charge a flat rate.
However, if a single domain name has multiple WordPress installations or if a single FTP account has multiple websites, attacks are possible via the other websites and the other websites can also be vulnerable to attack.
In such a case, if we have to check all the installations or websites, additional charges will apply.

Is there any case when repair is impossible?

If your webpages or other content have been deleted and they do not remain in the original database, then that content cannot be recovered.
If the files still exist, then the webpages can be restored because the files reside in the database.

Do you repair only WordPress sites?

We can repair WordPress, Joomla, and other content management systems (CMS).
As long as your website is driven by a CMS, our flat rates will apply.
Of course, we can also work with non-CMS websites, but we will have to give you an estimate for such sites.

Is it safe to send our server information via email?

You can email us your server information as a zip file encrypted by the following software.
(The above software is from the software company’s official website.
*Whenever you download free software, take adequate precautions.)
After installing the above software, right-click on the file to be encrypted and “Create Encrypted Zip” or “Convert to Encrypted Zip” will appear after the file is zipped. Then enter the encryption.

Why did you start this service?

Cross&Crown LLC offers WordPress web services and also develops security packages for WordPress sites.
It also offers web hosting services. With this know-how, we have served mainly website development companies for site security testing and data tampering repair.
By offering our services to individuals, we can help prevent websites from shutting down due to data tampering that could not be fixed.